GRATITUDE: We hereby express our sincere gratitude to God Almighty for His Grace and Mercy that has seen us through to the end of this year 2022. We thank God for the increased commitment of our dear parents to the academic pursuit of their children in spite of the prevailing condition in our Country Nigeria. More so, the Moral and Spiritual life of their children were not ignored as they showed understanding by abiding by the rules and regulations of the school. We return all the Glory to God Almighty.

We are glad to inform you that we are moving forward and your children are learning better as we experienced a commendable peace this term in the area of discipline and morals.

MID-TERM BREAK: All schools in Lagos state were directed to go on a one-week mid-term break from Monday 24th to Friday 28th of October 2022, which the college observed and resumed on the 31st of October,2022.

PROGRESS: We are glad to report to you that our Early Morning Mathematics and English Language Remedial Classes have contributed to the academic progress our students are achieving.

NEW ADMISSION: The efforts of our dear parent in the admission drive of this academic session is highly appreciated. Special thanks to all parents who introduced new Parents/Guardians to the school. The discount on tuition fees as promised by the college will be included accordingly in the 2nd term bills of those involved.

Please, admission is still open for those that would love to join our college come January 2023.

PARENTS TEACHERS’ ASSOCIATION (PTA): Our PTA meeting was held on 2nd November 2022 with an open house.

Highlights include:

  1. A PTA account has been opened
  2. PTA account to be funded during the 2nd term with the payment of N7,500 per student.
  3. Parents should endeavour to provide the health information of their children and include a family hospital as stipulated to enable the school to take appropriate measures should a crisis situation arise.
  4. Fees for students in external exams should be made early so that registration can be completed without penalty.

We appreciate the impressive turnout of Parents/Guardians as this enabled parents to go through the academic work of their children/ward and at the same time interacted with teachers where necessary. Another PTA meeting would be held next term (Easter Term) 2023. We are calling on more parents to make out time to attend and be punctual as issues relating to the progress of our students are always discussed.

SATURDAY LESSON: We wish to inform you that the Saturday lesson is yielding good results as we are working harder to prepare our students better for External Examinations. Saturday Lesson fee remains #10,000.00 per term, and it is compulsory for all JSS 3 & SSS 3 Students. Interested JSS 2 and SS2 Students are free to join at the same cost. The time is 9.00 am -1.00 pm.

Please be informed that from the 3rd term, the Saturday lesson becomes compulsory for the current JSS 2 and SS 2 classes at the same cost. This is to enable us to start early in the quest for better results in all external examinations.

EARLY MORNING LESSON: We want to use this medium to inform our parents and guardians that there is a re-arrangement of the early morning lesson. This will now commence after the morning assembly. We really appreciate parents who committed themselves to wake up early to ensure that their children attended the early morning classes.

REGISTRATION FOR WAEC, NECO & BECE (JSCE) EXAMINATIONS: Registration for WAEC has commenced. NECO & BECE (JSCE) will commence as soon as we resume for Easter (second) term in January 2023. Parents/Guardians are advised to pay the appropriate fees for their children on time. This is to enable us to register them early enough as explained during our PTA meeting to avoid unnecessary penalties from the examination bodies. Equally, we wish to remind you that “NO NIN NUMBER, NO WAEC REGISTRATION” stands as directed by WAEC.

BOARDING FACILITIES: We are glad to remind our beloved parents that our boarding facilities are fully functional and very vibrant. The boarding house is equipped with solar energy so that there is always light.

Please the following are to be noted by our esteemed parent;

  • No student should return to the hostel with Mufti.
  • No Celebration of birthday in the hostel
  • Students are to resume on Monday 9th January at the school premises
  • A maximum of five (5) roles of each provision is allowed.
  • Parents should admonish their children against bullying of any kind as it is against the school rules and regulations.

TRANSPORT. We wish to remind our parents that drivers will not spend more than three (3) minutes in picking up a child.

MOTHER TONGUE: We have observed that students are really having issues with understanding Nigerian languages.  As a result of this, parents are encouraged to interact with their children in their mother tongue to aid their understanding of the languages as taught.

HAIR -DO: The School’s hairstyle for boys remains brushed hair. Punk, galas, various line shapes, etc are not permitted. The hairdo for girls is recommended by the head girl. Beads and attachments of various shades and sizes are not allowed. Disobedience to this rule attracts a “STAY AT HOME ORDER”.

UNIFORMS: Please, re-emphasize that corporate black leather shoes to polish and plain white canvas including our customized socks are the approved school footwear. Also, note that it is part of the school Rules and Regulations to purchase uniforms (be it top or down) from the school. Uniforms made outside the school are regarded as mufti and will not be allowed. Students caught wearing such would be given a “STAY AT HOME ORDER” and will not be allowed back in the school until there is full compliance. Each student must be decently dressed in appropriate and complete school attire at all times.

PAYMENT OF SCHOOL FEES: We really wish to thank our parents and guardian who have diligently endeavoured to pay up the fees despite the harsh economic environment. All school fees should be paid into any branch of Zenith Bank PLC and the teller presented to the College Office for proper documentation and issue a receipt.

The personalized slip showing the fees and Zenith Bank Account number are attached.

RESUMPTION: The Easter Term Resumption date is Monday 9th January 2023. The Calendar for next term is attached.

On behalf of the Proprietor, Management, Staff and Students of the College, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year.

Please stay safe and remain blessed by the Lord.

Sited By

 Igbokwe T.C (Pfschools Principal)


APPRECIATION: We are grateful to God for His Grace and Mercy that saw us through this term.

The Pentecost term which commenced on Monday, 25th April 2022 ended well on 15th July 2022.

We also want to use this medium to extend our heartfelt gratitude to our Parents for their commitments throughout this academic session. May the good Lord reward your labour of love.

9th GRADUATION CEREMONY AND END OF SESSION ACTIVITIES: The College Graduation and End of Session Activities came up on 15th July 2022. We thank and also appreciate everyone that stood by us in Prayers, Moral and financial support that made it a success.

Our special thanks to those that sponsored some of the awards. We are indeed grateful.

 BECE / WAEC/ NECO: The BECE (Junior School Certificate Examination) was conducted from Wednesday 8th June –Wednesday 15th June 2022. WAEC Exams of the College started on Thursday 19th May and ended Thursday 23rd June 2022. This was followed by NECO Exams from Tuesday 5th July, ending Thursday 11th August 2022.

 INTERNAL EXAMS: The Internal Exams of the College were conducted from Monday 4th July to Wednesday, 13th July 2022.

We observed lots of improvement in the academic performance of our students including those that were placed on remedial during admission due to poor performance in the key subjects. Permit us to let you know that by the special Grace of God, we have observed that the moral standard of the students is maintaining an upward trend.

 2022/2023 COLLEGE ENTRANCE: The College Entrance into JSS 1 for the 2022/2023 Academic Session was done on Saturday 21st May 2022. Please note that the admission exercise is ongoing. The Entrance Forms are still available in the school office at the cost of #10,000.00 and exams can be conducted on the day of purchase of the form.

 We wish to remind you that incentive on your child’s /ward’s tuition fees for the introduction of new parents to our school is still on.

UNIFORM: Please, we re-emphasize that corporate black leather shoes to polish and plain white canvas including our customized socks are the approved school footwear. Also note that it is part of the School Rules and Regulations to purchase uniforms (be it top or down), Ankara, or community day T-shirts from the school. Uniforms made outside the school are regarded as mufti and will not be allowed. Students caught wearing such would be given a “STAY AT HOME ORDER” and will not be allowed back in school until there is full compliance.


  • SCHOOL FEES PATTERN FOR EXTERNAL EXAMINATION CLASSES: As per our practice, we wish to sensitize the parents of our students in external examination classes about the mode of payment of fees for the next academic session (2022\2023) as shown on our 2022/23 Pentecost term bill. The payment pattern for fees is twice for the academic year and is as follows:
    • SS3
      • FIRST TERM: first term fees + books + WAEC Exam fee+ NECO fees+ 50% of third term fees
      • SECOND TERM: second term fees + 50% of third term fees
    • JSS 3
      • FIRST TERM: first term fees+ books+ BECE (Junior WAEC fees) + 50% of third term fees
      • SECOND TERM: second term fees + 50% of the third term
  • HAIRDO: The school’s hairstyle for boys remains brushed hair. The girls’ hair style recommended by the head girl has to be adhered to. Punk, galas, various line shapes, etc. are not permitted for boys. Beads, attachments, etc. are not allowed for girls. Each student must be decently and moderately dressed at all times.
  • BUS SERVICES: Please be informed that the school bus would not wait for more than 3 minutes at any home/pick-up location. This is because any delay will affect other students that utilize the school bus service and in turn affect the arrival of the bus which is 7.30 am. Therefore, we wish to appeal to our parents to prepare their wards/children in time as the school bus will no longer wait for students for more than the allotted time.
  • PARENTS TEACHERS’ ASSOCIATION: The Meeting of Association was held on June 8th, 2022. It was agreed that 7,500.00 should be paid per annum per student and this would be included in the second term fees. At the meeting also, it was agreed that henceforth, parents will be carried along during the cultural day celebration of the college.

Equally, as discussed at the PTA Meeting, we maintain that parents should dress decently when coming to school so that the students cannot be confused but adhere to the dressing modalities of the school.

  • COMMUNITY DAY’S T-SHIRT/BLUE JEAN:  We hereby remind our dear parents/guardians that ripped/torn, patched, or crazy jeans are not acceptable on our community days.
  • BOARDING: We wish to inform you that our boarding facilities are still available for interested parents, Admission is on a first come first serve basis.
  • SUMMER ASSIGNMENT: Please note that summer assignment is available for all students in their class Whatsapp groups. The students are to do the assignments and submit them on the first day of resumption.
  • HOLIDAY COACHING: The College would be organizing Holiday Coaching normally called Summer Lesson. This will include vocational skills, Computer Training, Teaching, Educational Technology, and other varieties. It is paid before service for everyone.

The details are as follows;

DATE:          Monday 1st–Tuesday 30th August 2022 at the school

TIME: 9 am-1 pm

DAYS: Monday-Thursday

FEE:             15, 000.00 for PFC/PFS Students

OTHERS:       ₦15, 000.00

PAYMENT OF FEES:  All payments must be made to the bank directly and school receipts collected for any teller or cheque transaction. Receipts will not be issued for any cash payment to the school office until bank authentication is received. Cash payment is at the owner’s risk as the school will not be held responsible if payment is not duly reflected in the bank statement.

Teller/cheque numbers should be clearly stated on the receipt. Student’s names and class should be written in the depositor’s column/space of the bank teller. Kindly pay your child’s/ward’s fees on or before resumption day. All school fees should be paid into any Zenith Bank branch:

ACCOUNT NAME: Potasfield College.

ACCOUNT NO:     1013483345

RESUMPTION: The date of Christmas term resumption is Monday 12th September 2023.

We wish to acknowledge your immense contribution in bringing us this far in our pursuit of academic excellence. Your profound patronage cannot be over-emphasized. We are once again very grateful and wish you all a wonderful and peaceful holiday.

Remain blessed by the Lord.

Sited By

 Igbokwe T.C (Pfschools Principal)



We give God all the glory as of the Easter term which took off on the 10th of January 2022 and ended well on the 7th of April, 2022.

To the glory of God, students were exposed to academic as well as co-curricular activities within the school environment despite all the security challenges all over the environment compounded with the spiraling inflation pressures.

PROGRESS: The Easter Term Examinations were conducted between 25th March and 4th April 2022. We are glad to report that all went well and our children are increasing in knowledge academically, socially, spiritually, and morally.

COMMUNITY DAY: The College observed three Community Days this term. Each of which a resource person was invited to give a talk on the following;

  • LIVING A LIFE WORTHY OF EMULATION (For Junior Students) & CAMPUS LIFE (For Out-Going SSS3 and other senior students)
  • SECURITY AWARENESS: Senior Officers of the Nigerian Police Force Area ’E Command’ Festac sensitized the students on the security challenges in society, the need to be sensible and conscious of the security issues as per their immediate environment and location. Students were equally taught some safety tips and how to protect themselves when facing security challenges.

CULTURAL DAY: Our Cultural Day was observed on Wednesday, 6th of April, 2022. The sports houses of the school to which students belong were translated into geographical zones of the country. It was indeed a great day for the students. Parents prepared the cultural food and dressed the children in the cultural attire of the Geopolitical Zone they found themselves in. It helped the students to acquire additional knowledge of the culture of other geopolitical zones they have been hearing about.

PTA: The PTA meeting was held on Wednesday 23rd February 2022 being the Open Day of the School as agreed by parents previously. The meeting started at 10:10 am and ended at 12:45 pm. The turnout was quite impressive as we recorded an attendance of 152 people.

 The highlights include;

  • PARENTAL INFLUENCE ON CAREER CHOICE: Parents were encouraged to allow their children to choose their career path under their guidance and that of the Lord God Almighty.
  • BUS DELAY: Bus will not stay more than two (2) minutes in each house.
  • LATE FOOD TO SCHOOL: Parents were encouraged to wake up early for adequate preparation to avoid bringing food to the school at odd times.
  • SOLAR ENERGY PROJECT: It was agreed during the PTA meeting that each student should pay ₦10,000.00 for the Solar Project to assist the school as requested. Those yet to comply were urged to do so.
  • SSS3 AND JSS3 EXTERNAL EXAMS CLASSES FEES PATTERN: Parents were reminded about the payment pattern of fees for students in external exam classes. External exams classes pay school fees twice as follows:
  • SSS 3 – FIRST TERM: First-term fees +books+ WAEC exams+50% of third term fees.

SECOND TERM: Second term fees +50% of third term fees

THIRD TERM: No school fees are to be paid except the graduation fee of ₦30,000.00 only.

  • JSS 3 – FIRST TERM: First-term fees +books +BECE (junior WAEC fee) +50% of third term fees

SECOND TERM: Second term fees +50% of third term fees

THIRD TERM: No school fees are to be paid except ₦20,000.00 for graduation is to be paid.

  • PTA ACCOUNT FUND: Deliberations and suggestions on how the PTA Account should be funded and how much should be paid by each parent were referred to the PTA Chairman and Executives to discuss and revert to the PTA.
  • UPLOADING NOTES ON-LINE: After much deliberations on the right time to upload notes online, for students to copy, it was agreed that notes will now be uploaded Friday mornings to enable parents to monitor properly what the children are doing during the weekend. Parents were equally advised to buy desktop rather than giving the children phones or laptops that aids them to visit unauthorized sites easily.

The next PTA comes up next term on the 8th of June, 2022 being the Open Day of the College.

END OF SESSION/GRADUATION CEREMONY: Please in keeping with our normal tradition, the payment for this year’s End of Session /Graduation activities that comes up on 21st July 2022 is as follows:

Graduating Students:     SS 3   –   ₦30,000.00        JSS 3 – ₦20,000.00          Non graduating students  – ₦7,000.00

2022/2023 COLLEGE ENTRANCE: The College Entrance Examination into JSSI-III & SSI-III for the 2022/2023 Academic Session comes up on Saturday, 7th of May 2022. The cost of the Entrance Form is Ten Thousand Naira only (₦10,000.00).

Time:    9.00 am prompt.

Venue:  Potasfield College Hall.

Parents should please note that the agreed discount on tuition for the introduction of a new Parent/Student into the College is still on. Please we rely on you for the publicity of the College.

For enquires, contact the Admission Office, Potasfield Organization.

FEES: We appreciate our Parents who have diligently endeavored to pay up the fees despite the harsh economic condition. God bless you real good. Please, we wish to inform our parents that due to the prevailing high rate of inflation (18% officially) in the country, the cost of running the school has increased substantially. To stay afloat and maintain our services, the school fees have been reviewed upwards by 10%. We appeal that you bear with us in these trying times. We count on your goodwill and assure you that we do not take your patronage for granted.

ACCOUNT NAME:       Potasfield College

ACCOUNT NUMBER: 1013483345

BANK:                           Zenith Bank

We urge that you go through the Pentecost Term Programme taking note of important dates and events for the term as this will enable your full participation (View Download Below).

On behalf of the Proprietor, Management, Staff, and Students of the School, we wish you a Happy Easter Celebration.


Remain blessed by the Lord.

Sited By

 Igbokwe T.C (Pfschools Principal)

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