Potasfield Anthem & Pledge




POTASFIELD SCHOOL is a purely CHRISTIAN FAITH based Educational Institution. It is guided by Rules and Regulations fashioned on the CHRISTIAN belief and BIBLICAL concept. This code of conduct is meant to provide advice and guidance to all parents, pupils and students of Potasfield Schools.

The aims and objectives of this behavior policy also include:

  • To develop a whole school behavior policy, supported and followed by every member of the community.
  • To encourage good behavior by providing a range of rewards for children of all ages and abilities rather than to simply punish bad behavior.
  • To make clear to children the distinction between minor and more serious misbehavior and the range of sanctions that will follow.
  • To treat problems when they occur in a caring and sympathetic manner in the hope of achieving an improvement in behavior and character.
  • To encourage firmness and fairness in handling students’ disobedience and misconduct.

This handbook should be read carefully to make sure that the contents are well understood. It contains many procedures and you must be familiar with them all. This document will form part of the bases on which your parents are interviewed when you join POTASFIELD schools. They will be asked to sign a form to acknowledge that they have read the contents and agree that you will abide by the laid out policies as stated in this book.



Registration is very important because this is when a headcount is done to determine who is in school and who is not. Students must be on time for registration and lessons. Once you are on the school premises, the school must be able to account for your whereabouts. Daily Registration in any of the Potasfield Schools takes place in your class room at 8:10am every day. If you are not present when your name is called, you will be marked absent. If you are late, you must go and report to the school admission office or bring it to the attention of Teachers on Duty so that the school records can be amended. Students who are absent from school must present a note from their Parents/Guardians explaining their absence. At the close of each day, students must attend registration in their class room.



Your form teacher will fill in the register at the beginning and at the end of every day. He /She will make sure you have all the necessary equipment that the school provides and timetable/planner/guide for a successful and productive day in school. Your Form Teacher will keep a close eye on your progress and is the first person you should go and see (i.e. your first port of call/line of communication) if you have any kind of problem in school.



Very high standards of punctuality are expected from all students. You must arrive at school at most by 7:30 am to organize and do your quiet time as you prepare yourself for the Morning Assembly. The morning assembly starts at 7:45am and the process of getting to assembly arena should not take time. There is a penalty for lateness. You should use the time before school, break time and lunchtime to go to ease yourself (the toilet or drink water etc). Only under special circumstances will teachers allow students leave the class during a lesson as students should not be found loitering, loafing, or pacing up and down the corridors of the school.



When you join Potasfield Schools you will receive a welcome package consisting of the following:

  1. Holy Bible
  2. Daily Reading Guide ( Daily Power for Students or Daily Milk for Primary School Pupils)
  3. Hymn Book

These items are to be handy and in your possession at all items for use during your Quiet time, Morning, Afternoon or any other Religious Assembly in the school. They are very essential and compulsory material for spiritual growth activities in the school.


1.60 QUIET TIME: 7.30 – 7.45am

This is the first and compulsory activity of each student/pupil on arrival to school in the Morning. It is a time for the child to be alone with God and consists of personal prayers of illumination, reading of the bible with the aid of the stipulated daily reading guide, meditation on the word and concluded with prayers.


1.70 MORNING ASSEMBLY: 7.45 – 8.05am

This activity is compulsory for all staff and students/pupils of the school. It is the first corporate daily responsibility of the school and takes place at the Assembly Ground or designated venue. It is a time of being present before God for praises and worship, reading of the bible and prayers. It also includes the singing of The National Anthem, reciting the National Pledge, the School Anthem and the School Pledge. Important school announcements are also made during the assembly.



The Afternoon School Assembly is the gathering of all in the school to reverence and thank The Almighty God for the day before the departure of pupils/students from the premises. It is the last activity undertaken for each school day. It may also include general announcements and everyone in the school is expected to participate in this closing ceremony.



These are held as and when occasions demand. An Assembly is a formal occasion and you are expected to be in your complete uniform. The highest standards of behavior are expected from all students in such gatherings. At fellowships, solemn assemblies, debates, concerts, plays and other events, courtesy to performers and consideration for other members of the audience demand that you are not disruptive in any way. School announcements can also be made during such assemblies.



Mondays and Wednesdays are specific prayer days for Primary and Secondary Schools respectively. 10 – 15 minutes special prayer session holds during the Morning Assembly on these days.

On Tuesdays, the morning Assembly holds in line with the specified themes as follows:

  • 1st Tuesday – Praying and Fasting (Praises, Worship, Intercession, Supplication, etc.)
  • 2nd Tuesday – Thanksgiving and Worship
  • 3rd Tuesday – Appreciation and Adoration
  • 4th Tues – Community (Country,/Nation, States, LGs, Churches, etc.)



There are specific days once a week for Fellowship for the Primary and Secondary respectively and students/pupils are to be present complete with their bibles, hymn book and study guide. It is mandatory.



Students are not allowed to bring any consumables to school but if they desire to celebrate any birthday in school they are to be prayed for collectively during the school morning assembly.



Pupils will be given an organizer at the beginning of every school year. Look after your organizer carefully and take it to all your lessons, keeping an accurate record of any homework set. A parent or guardian must sign student’s planner weekly.



The POTASFIELD COLLEGE students are offered a large range of exciting activities twice a week and you will be asked to sign up each team. When you are assigned to an activity, it is compulsory that you attend. If you are not doing an activity you must go home or back to the boarding House at 3pm.



Students should always put on the approved sportswear complete with white canvas to school on prescribed days.



Students must return borrowed library books on time. If you lose or damage a library book, you will be billed for the cost of replacing it.



Complete set of text books and exercise books will be given to you once fees are paid at the beginning of each session or when you join the school. Both text and exercise books must be kept in good condition. At the POTASFIELD COLLEGE, students are not allowed to draw or doodle on their textbooks. An exercise book that has been scribbled on or defaced will have to be covered at a cost.



During first break, which starts at 9:30, you should go ease yourself and have a snack after which you are free to entertain yourself until the bell goes. It is not compulsory to be in classrooms at this time. Students eat lunch only during long break. This will be eaten seated at a table. Good manners will be expected during lunch. After lunch students can entertain themselves appropriately around the school bearing in mind that they need to be prepared for the afternoon set of lessons which commences immediately the bell goes.



Students will be taught in English Language in all subjects except for when learning Foreign/Nigerian languages. All students are expected to learn and improve their English Language as it is the only language which should be spoken in school. Students are not to speak Pidgin English or Nigerian languages on the school premises.



You are not allowed to deface your school exercise books. Each Student/Pupil is expected to have very good and legible hand writing. This is to ensure that all school work (notes, classwork, assignments, projects, tests, CA – continuous assessment, internal exams, etc.) are presented in a very tidy and neat manner. Please note that students are penalized for rough and shoddy presentation. This is to create the standard culture for education as in the external examinations taken in JSS III and SSS III, students are penalized for poor presentation in their written papers. As good practice, your teachers will expect you to take pride in producing clear and neat written work.



Students are not expected to write on desk, chairs, doors, windows or on walls. Do not damage any school property in any way. Always throw or pick up litter into bins  within or outside the classroom. Students caught damaging school property their parents or guardians will be billed for the repairs and replacement.



Homework is an important part of your learning and runs according to a timetable, which will be giving to you at the beginning of the school year. Teachers reserve the right to administer appropriate discipline to students who did not turn in their home work without a reasonable excuse.



At POTAFIELD SCHOOLS, the school uniform is an important part of the school’s sense of identity. Our secondary school uniform colours are white top and sky blue down while the Primary uniform colours are sky blue top and down. Official wears incorporating the school logo are available from the school office. The proper uniform should be neatly and correctly worn at all times. All students must put on their full school, house wear or PE uniform in a smart and tidy manner. Shorts and trousers should be properly pulled up. Students/pupils are required to wear black leather corporate shoes complete with the stipulated English Uniform wear while on Sports day pure white canvass trainers are worn with the prescribed sportswear. Black trainers or any branded shoes are not allowed. On Tuesdays, the authorized Ankara/Community dress is worn with the recommended footwear otherwise the normal English uniform should be worn.



  • Students’ hair should look neat and tidy and be appropriately plaited in a conventional style.
  • For boys, this means a Brush Hair style that is not usually longer than one centimeter in height
  • Girls hair should be neatly plaited in corn rows at all times in line with school principle. No hair extensions are permitted. No beads or colourful rubber bands are allowed.
  • Extension or weave-on are not allowed at The POTASFIELD COLLEGE Lagos. No hair gel, ‘steps’ or exotic styles are acceptable.
  • No student should wear nail varnish or have a “henna” tattoo whilst at school. Makeup is not permitted including lip gloss.
  • No hair colouring is allowed.
  • Watchstraps should be simple and plain.
  • Vest worn under shirts (if needed) must be plain white – no coloured vest or those with a logo or pattern are allowed
  • PE vest may not be worn for this purpose.
  • Modest dress is required for all occasions when uniform is not worn. No thin straps or low neckline dress is permitted. Length of dresses must be below the knee.


It is important that you acknowledge your responsibilities as learners and parents towards your community including fellow students and parents, teachers and other school staff. These responsibilities apply in school, on a school outing, representing the school or when you are identified with the school.



If you are ill, please stay at home and recover before resuming. If you fall ill in school or involved in an accident, a teacher must be informed immediately. If you are unable to find help yourself, ask another student to summon help from one of the teachers. You will normally be moved to the sickbay by your form teacher. You are not allowed to sleep in school, either in class or anywhere else on the premises so it is advisable to notify a member of staff if you are feeling unwell and your parents will be contacted.



The following items must not be brought to school:

  • Mobile phones, Smart Phones, CD Players, tablets and any other Portable music player
  • Game Consoles, Play Stations Portable (PSPs) or any other handheld electronic games
  • Jewelries (necklace, dangling items, bracelets, nose and leg chains)
  • Fireworks, Bangers and Lighters
  • Real or imitation weapons and Liquids
  • Solvent sweets and Alcoholic drinks
  • Make up accessories



Any conduct that can be identified as an attack on another student, be it physical or verbal, will be regarded as bullying. You are not allowed to threaten other students or behave in any way that can be described as intimidating. Such behavior is not tolerated in POATASFIELD SCHOOL and will be taken very seriously.



Writing offensive or provocative statements about the school or  other students at this school on social network sites or internet chat rooms is not allowed. The school will take such behavior very seriously. Students are prohibited from using social networking sites on the school premises. Only school/class WhatsApp groups meant for communicating, passing of information, and delivery of assignments are allowed and the rules guiding their operation must be strictly adhered to.



Subject Teachers and Form teachers hold detentions during the school hours and students are expected to attend these. This is to enable and ensure that the affected student meets up with the required necessary assignment or work.


3.91 FIRE

In the event of fire, you will hear a distinctive alarm, at this point every member of school would find his/her way to the school open space before the entrance gate. If the alarm goes during class, you will be led by your teacher, if the alarm goes off during break or lunch, you must make your way to the entrance gate and line up according to your form groups. Fire drills takes places at regular intervals and must always be taken seriously. You should be quiet and walk during fire drill.




In general, students should not bring valuable items or jewelry into school. A simple wristwatch can be worn. Girls who have pierced ears can wear simple plain silver or gold ear studs. No other jewelry, including looped or dangling earrings, necklaces or bracelet should be worn for safety reasons. Inappropriate jewelry will be confiscated until the end of that term. The school cannot accept any responsibility for valuable items brought in contravention of these rules.



  • Establish realistic, clear and meaningful academic, spiritual, social and physical goals for each year’s programme of study.
  • Establish and maintain a positive work ethic to ensure sustained academic progress.
  • Take advantage of all possible opportunities by getting involved in every possible sphere of school life.
  • Have respect for and take pride in the school environment.
  • Conduct themselves at all times in a manner that will bring credit to the school.
  • Classrooms or laboratories should only be entered with the permission of the teacher and students should wait quietly outside until invited to enter.
  • Students should not bring mobile phones, personal music players, personal computer game players or any other electronic devices to school. Such items will be confiscated and not returned until the last day of the session.



  • Participate actively in lessons and do all assignments to the best of your ability.
  • Never constitute yourself into a nuisance at any time in the classroom.
  • Listen silently when the teacher is talking.
  • Work silently when told to do so.
  • Obey the instructions of teachers and teaching assistants.
  • Do not walk around the class room without permission, unless it is part of an activity, such as a practical investigation.
  • Put up your hand if you need help or if you want to ask a question or answer a question.
  • Do not engage in any form of underhand behavior during tests and examination that could be regarded as cheating, copying your homework from others is a form of cheating.
  • If a teacher does not arrive to take your class, set up quietly in the classroom and maintain all decorum.
  • Greet the members of staff that enter your classroom during lessons.
  • Stand up and greet when a visitor enters your classroom during lesson.
  • Stand up if He/She should approach you personally and speak to you. If in the library or during exams it would be appropriate to carry on working.



  • Open doors for others especially for adults
  • Always acknowledge an adult with the appropriate greeting.
  • Look behind you after walking through a door to ensure you do not let it swing into the faces of people coming behind you.
  • Banging of door is not allowed but considered as an unbecoming behavior.
  • Stand aside to let adults pass on the stairways and corridors.
  • Apologize if you walk between people engaged in conversation.
  • Ask visitors if they are being looked after and offer to escort them to the reception.
  • Do not talk to adult with your hands in your pockets.
  • Refer to teachers or visitors by their titles such as Dr/Mr/Mrs  and add to the surname of teacher, Sir or Ma’am/Madam.
  • Top button must be done up and ties properly knotted.
  • Spitting and swearing attracts punishment at the POTASFIELD COLLEGE.
  • Keep your voice at a conversational level, shouting inappropriately is not allowed.
  • Do not eat around teaching areas; all food must be consumed in the dining area and at the appropriate time.
  • Always be polite and courteous.
  • Shuffling when walking is not allowed.
  • All legitimate instructions given by members of staff and student representatives must be carried out willingly and promptly.
  • Students must only remain within the school bounds during the day. The school premises may only be left with a signed permission from the office of the Principal.
  • It is unacceptable to use any form of abusive or intolerant language at any other person.
  • Behavior towards other students should be respectful and appropriate.



  • Meals are compulsory for all students both boarding as no child is expected to study with an empty stomach. (Day students should come with their packed meal in lunch box)
  • Students should go into the eating area or dining room in orderly fashion.
  • If food is to be served then each student must queue and wait to be served in turns.
  • Students must sit at their designated table.
  • To avoid being choked, students should not engage in prolonged conversation with other students while eating or with those on other tables.
  • Students must eat with cutlery.
  • Do not talk with your mouth full.
  • Do not stretch across the table but ask your neighbor to pass the item to you
  • Converse in reasonable tones
  • Remember to say thank you to those who serve you



In order that we live in a safe environment, we must think and be SAFETY CONSCIOUS






  • Know the fire drill and carry them out in silence.
  • Do not run in the classrooms, doors, stairways or corridor.
  • Do not climb trees, fences, tables, etc.
  • Do not learn on hand or guard rails.
  • Do not indulge in ‘horseplay’. Injuries or disputes that arise from play-fighting will be treated in the same manner as any other form of aggressive behavior.



  • Always be polite to fellow students, teachers, secretaries, auxiliary staff and visitors to the school
  • Respect the property of other people at all times, whether it belongs to the school, staff or fellow students and report anything that you think might be lost to a teacher.
  • Do not take an item that does not belong to you without permission, as this will also be regarded as stealing.
  • Always show respect for other peoples’ race, ethnic group or religious beliefs.
  • Do not fight or behave aggressively towards others.
  • Do not swear, insult others or call them names.
  • Any behavior that brings the name of the school into disrepute is unacceptable and liable to disciplinary action. This applies not only to behavior when in school but also to behavior within the vicinity of the school grounds or when wearing the POTASFIELD COLLEGE school uniform.



  • Being sent out of class on more than one occasion.
  • Persistent poor behavior.
  • Bringing prohibited items to school.
  • Accumulating written statements or red spots.
  • Three days of continuous lateness to school



  • Threatening behavior to staff or students.
  • Using abusive language to staff or students.
  • Bullying.
  • Lying.
  • Driving or operating any heavy machinery.
  • Engaging in behaviour that is inappropriate for children.
  • Getting a letter home the third time in a term.



  • Any form of aggression towards staff or students.
  • Getting into a fight.
  • Stealing.
  • Bringing tobacco, alcohol or drugs into school premises.
  • Engaging with the opposite sex or same sex in a compromising or a manner inappropriate for children.
  • Being suspended three times in a session.


The sanction will vary with the severity of the action.



  • DETENTIONS – Form teachers, Heads of Departments (HODS), Head Of Sections (HOS)
  • Stay At Home (SAHO)  Letters – HOS, VP Academics
  • SUSPENSIONS – Vice Principal
  • EXPULSION – Principal or Director



The POTASFIELD College Disciplinary Review Committee(DRC) is a Panel set up to review Student’s code of conduct and look into appeals from students who have been expelled, suspended or subjected to disciplinary measures by a staff which he/she considers inappropriate or unjust.


The committee shall comprise of:

  1. Head of School.
  2. Heads of Department.
  3. School Management Secretary.
  4. Head of Boarding.
  5. Head boy
  6. Head girl
  7. An elected student’s Representative


A student who has been expelled from the school and thinks he/she has been treated unfairly or unjustly or who has been abused in any form by a member of staff can send a written appeal to the school Management through the School Secretary.

The DRC will have a sitting and look critically into the case and send their rulings to the school Director for a final verdict.


Outstanding examples of good behavior and positive conduct will receive due recognition. Any breach of the Code of Conduct must be seen as a breaking of the mutual trust and respect existing between us all within our school community. Students who do not conform to the school’s expectations will be subject to disciplinary procedures. This document lays out some examples of negative behaviour and the sanctions that may be expected to follow.





  • Homework/class work not done
  • Unexplained late submission of homework
  • Unexplained incomplete homework/class work.
  • If homework is not done for two consecutive times, a letter is sent home.
  • The student scores no mark
  • Student completes the homework/class work in school during recess or lunch time.
  • SMS to parents
  • If persistent daily report to group head


  • Lack of equipment in class.
  • Books, P.E kits and writing material (regularly)
  • The student must present the equipment to the teacher concerned the next day
  • A consistent offender will be detained during recess to update his/her homework
  • Any lost item must be replace.
  • In case of lost books. He/she must buy a new one.
  • SMS sent to parent
  • If behavior persists, daily report to Group Head
  • Loss of communications book
  • The student is placed on service labour and he/she buys a new one.
  • Communicate to parents
  • Use of inappropriate language and swearing. Including verbal abuse
  • Incident slip for file, Detention/service labour.
  • SMS to parents and /letter
  • Vandalism/ Graffiti
  • Parents are informed by principal and will be required to pay for replacement / automatic suspension.
  • Service labour
  • Incident slip
  • Destruction or defacing of school property or any other students’ property
  • SMS to parent and / letter
  • Inappropriate uniform presentation,


  • The student would be isolated. Student will be required to present him/herself in full uniform as often as appropriate to principal weekly
  • Parents are contacted and asked to collect the student.
  • Isolation on arrival.
  • SMS to parent & letter
  • Disruptive behaviour
  • A detention supervised by the teacher on duty.
  • Incident slip issued.
  • If the student persists, he/she is placed on weekly report and parents are informed.
  • Continuous disruptive behavior may lead to suspension expulsion.
  • SMS to parent and / letter.
  • Use of personal electronic gadgets e.g mobile phones, mp3 players, potable game consoles
  • Item will be confiscated and will not be returned until end of session.
  • Incident slip
  • Confiscated electronic gadgets will be put in a safe.
  • SMS to parent.
  • Misuse of internet/intranet and social network
  • Depending on the nature of the misdemeanor, the student may be suspended.
  • On return, student access to internet/intranet will be limited and/ or closely monitored.
  • Weekly report
  • Parents and student meet with the Head of School and / or Principal
  • Lateness
  • (a) to lessons
  • (b) to school
  • (c) going home (after 4:30pm)
  • Incident slip
  • Student may be placed on report to form teacher
  • Detention
  • Student is issued a fine of N5,000 at pm and for
  • SMS to parent and/ or letter
  • truancy
  • student will be required to complete the work missed during recess and at other periods. Do service labour and an incident slip is filled in.
  • parents will be informed and meet with Principal, or HOS
  • dropping litter
  • student will be required to pick up litter around school.
  • Persistent offending will result in service labour
  • SMS to parent
  • Chewing gum in school
  • The student is asked to remove the gum and out it in the bin
  • Persistent offenders will be dealt with.
  • Inappropriate display of affection
  • Depending on the nature of the display students will be given service labour, but in extreme cases may be suspended.
  • Student isolated
  • Incident slip/statement
  • Parents and student meet with the principal
  • SMS to parent.
  • Examination malpractice/misconduct e.g cheating
  • The student’s exam paper will be cancelled.
  • In case of external exams, the student may be excluded from subsequent or even all exams.
  • Incident slip/ statement
  • SMS to parent
  • Serious breaches of discipline.
  1. Fighting    (b) Bullying  (c) Smoking     (d) Theft     (d) Possession or use of alcohol or other drugs.  (f) Assault.   (g) Possession of dangerous weapons, sharp knives and the use of any other articles as a weapon or weapons.
  • Student isolated and writes a statement.
  • Suspension/expulsion
  • Parents and student(s) meet with the Head of School and the Principal(s)
  • Persistent offending may lead to expulsion
  • SMS to parent
  • Defiant refusal
  • Removed from class
  • Incident slip/statement
  • Service labour
  • The student may be suspended or expelled depending on how serious it is.



  • Students on service labour will not be allowed into class for a specified period of time at the discretion of the principal or Vice Principal
  • Students on suspension will not be allowed into the school compound.

The period of suspension is determined by the Head of School and principal of the section which the student belongs.

Two suspension in a session may lead to expulsion.

Breach of discipline remain in the student’s file and may be referred to in references.

Records of incident slip written by teacher, houseparent and students statements are kept in students file.

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